Engineering Custom Foam Solutions

For more than 25 years, FLEXTECH. has combined custom design services with unique production
capabilities to provide innovative, engineered foam solutions

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Compression Molded Foam for Medical Packaging

Compression Molded Foam for Medical Device Packaging

FLEXTECH is not just a foam fabricator. We are also an extension of your design and engineering team.

Our success is based largely on our ability to collaborate with you on the design and development of innovative, engineered foam solutions for your new applications. Our sales and product development team members have extensive experience working closely with our customers throughout the design and development process. Ideally, we are involved in the conceptual phase and can educate our customers on materials and their properties, our production capabilities and process limitations, etc.

Our involvement at an early stage often helps minimize the time required to develop a new foam component.

Our engineering team utilizes the most current version of Solidworks 3D CAD software. Solidworks is the ideal CAD software package for the design of both foam components and the tooling required to manufacture prototype and production parts.

Another advantage of working with Flextech is our in-house tool shop.

We not only design but also build the molds, cutting dies, and fixtures we use to manufacture your parts. In doing so, we are able to build cost-effective, durable tools that will hold tight tolerances for the life of a project. Having our tool shop in our own facility allows us to expedite any necessary modifications during the prototype stage. It also allows us to make any required repairs to production tools with very little downtime.

FLEXTECH has built a very loyal customer base by delivering innovative foam solutions and consistently providing an exceptional level of customer service. From your initial contact with a Flextech salesperson, through the development process with our engineers, and on to our customer service associates, we endeavor to be the most responsive, customer-oriented foam fabricator in the industry.


Markets We Serve

Flextech supplies custom foam components to a diverse customer base in several markets. The primary markets we serve are Medical, Industrial and Personal Protection. We manufacture a wide array of components from simple to highly engineered products for each market.

Within the Medical market, we provide die-cut surgical consumables to engineered, encapsulation molded electronic circuitry. In the Industrial market, we provide fabricated gaskets and filtration media to complex, molded thermal insulation assemblies. In the Personal Protection market, we provide components that range from molded foam seals for ski and industrial goggles to dual-density molded liners for military helmets. Please browse the Markets pages of our site for information on applications and images of parts we manufacture.

I have been doing business with Flextech for many years and have always been satisfied with their product quality and customer service. I recently moved business to Flextech from another vendor because of their dedication to providing a quality product.

Purchasing Manager Orthopedic Device Company