Encapsulation Foam Molding is a process Flextech developed in order to meet the unique needs of our customers who require different materials or components encapsulated in molded foam composites.

The process originated when a customer of ours in the medical device industry asked us if we could help them engineer a solution to a manufacturing problem they were experiencing. Historically, they had been sewing fabric sleeves in which flexible electronic circuits were then inserted, and the sleeves sewn closed. Their process was labor-intensive, inconsistent, and the finished product didn’t have the appearance of a high tech medical device. Our research and development team members evaluated the functional and aesthetic requirements of the project and then went to work engineering a manufacturing process that would ultimately provide an ideal solution to our customer’s problem. The finished Encapsulation Molded product had a much cleaner, finished appearance was very consistent from part to part, and ended up being less expensive than the sewn version.

Since that original project, Flextech has tailored the Encapsulation Molding process for a number of other applications.

We have now Encapsulated visco-elastic foams, malleable aluminum, rigid plastic, impact-absorbing materials, urethane gel, and other electronic componentry. These products are primarily used in the Medical and Personal Protection markets, but the Encapsulation Molding process could also be utilized to produce parts for other markets.

If you have a potential application for an Encapsulation Molded foam component, contact us at (952) 345-0012 or send us an email at [email protected].

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.