Fabricated and molded foam components are used in numerous applications in the medical marketplace.

Foam components can be used to protect an orthopedic implant until it is surgically implanted in a patient, can help keep patients comfortable if they must wear a back, ankle or knee brace, or even secure a diagnostic sensor directly to a patient’s skin.

If you are looking for a foam fabricator for your medical application, consider FLEXTECH – with more than 30 years assisting in the development and manufacturing of engineered foam solutions for the medical industry.

Some of the applications for foam medical components Flextech manufactures include:


Orthopedic brace and support components (ankle, knee, back and neck brace pads)

Patient interfaces for diagnostic and therapeutic devices (to comply with ISO 10993)

Wearable monitoring patches (to comply with ISO 10993)

Medical consumables

Wheelchair seating and positioning components


 Surgical consumables (suture holders, clamp pads, needle counters, etc.)

Patient positioning pads (for diagnostic and surgical procedures)

Dental consumables

Fluid applicators

Surgical device packaging

Orthopedic implant packaging

And many more.

The Flextech team includes professionals in technical sales, engineering, material sourcing and manufacturing.

Our key staff has worked in the foam fabrication industry for an average of 25 years. We have experience working with medical device startups as well as Fortune 100 and 500 medical device companies. We are knowledgeable about the unique requirements of the medical device markets. We also stay abreast of advances in foams and the other materials we supply the medical market segments we serve.


If you have a medical application for a foam component and are in need a foam fabricator,
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