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Collaboration with Sun Path Products

Flextech, Inc. St Louis Park, MN is very pleased that Sun Path Products, Raeford, NC has recently released the new Spyn System option for their Javelin Odyssey parachute harness/container system.  The new container is receiving accolades from the most elite skydivers and skydiving teams from around the world.  This includes the Red Bull skydiving team, world champion Roy Janssen, the world champion USA 8-way team, Sven Jseppi, the current world champion canopy pilot, and many more world-renowned skydivers.

Sun Path Products and Flextech have collaborated for the last several years on the design/development and material selection for all of the laminated/molded Spyn System foam components that interface with the skydiver.  Tom Parker, Engineering Manager at Sun Path Products  explains, “consulting with Chris Stewart in Technical Sales at Flextech early on in the design process allowed us to explain our interest in developing the most comfortable, best fitting harness/container system on the market”.  “Flextech’s expertise in the foams and fabrics that would be best suited for this type of person worn system was invaluable. They have extensive experiences in the manufacture of custom padding systems for military, tactical and law enforcement gear.  There are obvious similarities in trying to achieve the most comfortable fit on the soldier or police officer as on a skydiver wearing a parachute container”.

Javelin Odyssey parachute harness/container system3

Incorporating laminated and molded foam components into a parachute harness/container system has never been done to this extent before.  In order to achieve the optimal comfort and durability, Flextech proposed the use a durable, anti-microbial fabric and Zotefoam’s EV30 copolymer foam.  The combination of materials makes for parts that make the container system the state of the art in the industry. Additionally, the molded foam parts will have a long-life span and become more comfortable and form fitting over time.

“We were determined to design and develop the best harness/container system in the world and believe we have done so” says Tom Parker. “Our partnership with Flextech allowed us to achieve this  and we are grateful for their help.”  “We also have other laminated/molded foam components in development that will further improve our systems”. Stay tuned as you will see them become commercialized in the coming months.


If you are interested in developing a new foam component, Flextech’s technical sales team can be reached at [email protected] or 952-345-0012