Whether you have a conceptual sketch or a 3D CAD model, our team will assist in the design of your new foam component. Once we understand the functional requirements of your application, we will suggest material options and the appropriate manufacturing process. We emphasize Design for Manufacturing during this phase of the development process in order to ensure your foam component is easy to manufacture, functional, and cost-effective.
Our customer’s design engineers were originally thinking that we could provide them with fabric laminated foam, and die cut components for the top and bottom of the coil.  The parts could then be sewn to enclose the coil and finish the assembly. Although that was possible, the secondary sewing labor and materials would be costly. Our R&D engineers suggested a different solution.  We proposed that we utilize our ENCAPSULATION MOLDING process wherein we would encapsulate the electromagnetic coil in the foam molding process.  This process would eliminate the need for secondary sewing and wouldn’t require the use of sewn textiles that might absorb perspiration or other body fluids.  We were also able to incorporate formed and sealed slots in the part so that the belt that holds the coil in place could be threaded through the part. The slot features eliminated the need for any supplemental hardware. In addition, the final assembly’s aesthetics would make it look like a medical device. We provided the customer with 3D part models and images of the coil assembly that we were proposing. Our customer was very excited about our product design.  They asked that we offer material options and provide quotations on the tooling and piece prices so that they could determine if our improved product design was economically viable.