Prototype Prove

We’ll provide functional prototypes for your evaluation, testing, and approval.


Our customer issued a purchase order for prototype tooling and prototype molded helmet pads. We then proceeded with the machining of the aluminum tool. To observe the machining process of the prototype tool, click here

  • Aluminum prototype tool cavity
  • Dimensional inspection of prototype pads
We will design and build the prototype tooling and necessary fixtures to create your prototype parts.
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When the machining of the tool component was complete, it was incorporated into our proprietary tool base system which allows us to mold and cut most parts in one operation. Our R&D engineers then set the tool up in one of our hydraulic presses and used the tool to compression mold prototype parts. The parts were sent to our customer for evaluation and approval. The customer was very pleased with the part aesthetics and more importantly the fit and function in the helmet.